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Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage plans, (also known as Part C) is an "all in one" alternative to Original Medicare. These "bundled" plans include Part A, Part B, and usually Part D. Medicare Advantage Plans are offered by Medicare-approved private companies that must follow rules set by Medicare.

When you join a Medicare Advantage Plan you still have Medicare, but you will get most of your coverage from the Medicare Advantage Plan.

Medicare Advantage plans may have lower out-of-pocket costs than Original Medicare. Medicare Advantage Plans cover all of the benefits in Original Medicare, most plans offer extra benefits that Original Medicare does not cover - like vision, hearing, dental, and more.

Qualify To Enroll In Medicare Advantage

Pretty simple! You must have Part A and Part B Medicare and live in the service area. You must have a valid enrollment period. Medicare has guidelines. Initial Enrollment Periods, Annual Enrollment Period, Open Enrollment Period, and yes the are Special Enrollment Periods. Your trusted advisors at Senior Insurance Professionals, LLC will assist you to make your enrollment. We want you to know we have all the major Medicare Advantage Companies in your area. Companies available can vary from county to county within your state. This just further complicates your decision making. At Senior Insurance Professionals, LLC our commitment is "keep it simple".

If you have a preference for a certain doctor or hospital, or require prescription drug coverage for certain medications, your trusted advisor at Senior Insurance Professionals, LLC is ready to help. There are many Medicare Advantage Companies in your area. Comparing the costs and benefits while pairing with your individual needs can be time consuming or confusing. For personalized service and answers to any questions you may have about Medicare Advantage plans, call or email us today.

Remember...Your agent at Senior Insurance Professionals, LLC works for you, not the insurance company. Researching our portfolio of companies to pair you with the plans most suitable for you is our business.