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Medicare Advantage in Winston-Salem

At Senior Insurance Professionals, LLC, our mission is to improve and sustain the health of our community by delivering comprehensive and cost-effective Medicare Advantage services. Here at Senior Insurance Professionals, LLC, we guide individuals through the medical insurance process, ensuring everyone has access to the medical insurance they need.

Understanding the nitty gritty details of Medicare Advantage plans can be a difficult task. That is why our staff is well-versed in the policy so they can offer you all your options with detailed explanations. Whether you’re seeking a new enrollment or an advanced plan to match your needs, we can help you.

We combine our customer care, sound knowledge of Medicare Advantage, and local resources to offer you the right insurance package. Contact us at (336) 529-1293 to speak to our dedicated customer service team.

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We Help Your Medicare Advantage Plan Selection

Senior Insurance Professionals, LLC’s team of knowledgeable agents works with you every step of the way when you’re seeking Medicare Advantage. Our goal is to find you the right plan that meets your specific needs and budget and ensure that you have the information to get the most out of it. We’ll provide you with simplified information about the options available, including their costs, coverage, and any additional benefits they may offer. Our team will also assist you in comparing plans and their varied details.

We strive to give you a detailed review of the pros and cons of each policy. With our aid, you’ll find it easy to make an informed decision on your Medicare Advantage.

Assisted Enrollment for Your Medicare Advantage

Once we’ve helped you find the right Medicare Advantage option, we’ll move on to enrolment. A few factors impact this process, including different enrollment periods in the year, deadlines, and eligibility requirements that may differ based on your specific coverage.

Here at Senior Insurance Professionals, LLC, we have the information and skill to help you enroll seamlessly. With the help of our resources, you can rest assured that your preferred medical practitioner is in your network and your medical facility and drugs are covered. Additionally, we’re adept at helping our clients re-evaluate their coverage if they find their current plan needs to be revised.

Continued Support from Senior Insurance Professionals, LLC in Winston-Salem

Enrolling in your preferred Medicare Advantage plan doesn’t complete the process for most people, as it usually takes a while to get used to the new policy. Senior Insurance Professionals, LLC is dedicated to providing our clients with ongoing support to negotiate their plans and file claims. Our compassionate team will help you understand how to use your benefits and offer guidance on accessing the care you need under your coverage.

The staff at our company enable accurate navigation of plan alterations, such as changes in coverage, costs, deductibles, or extra fees. We also deliver satisfactory resolutions for any issues you may encounter, including filing claims or appealing denied claims.

If you’re seeking information or enrollment for Medicare Advantage in Winston-Salem, call us at (336) 529-1293 to work with our courteous team for a comprehensive solution.

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There are many advantages to Medicare health coverage, but sometimes we require a little more coverage. For those who wish to supplement their existing Medicare plan with a more robust and comprehensive plan, Medicare Advantage is within your reach.

With so many insurance agents and companies, where do the people of Winston-Salem turn for their Medicare Advantage plans? The look to the independent insurance agents at Senior Insurance Professionals, LLC. We help individuals and families reduce out-of-pocket expenses and we keep their monthly premiums as low as can be.

Is it time to invest in an all-inclusive alternative to Original Medicare? If so, contact us at (336) 529-1293 today. We are here for you.

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Understanding Medicare Advantage Coverage

Learning the facts about Medicare can be tricky because it doesn't work like traditional health insurance. It doesn't offer coverage and plans for families or couples, so there is no need to find coverage that works for everyone in the household.

Medicare coverage plans are regulated in accordance with federal and state laws. It covers almost all medically approved health care services and supplies for eligible individuals based on age, disability, or qualifying medical condition.

Coverage includes the following:

  • Medicare Part A and Part B are offered by the federal government.
  • Medicare supplement insurance, also known as Medigap plans, is optional and offered by private insurance companies. This coverage helps the insurer pay for some out-of-pocket expenses not covered by Medicare Part A and Part B.
  • Medicare Advantage Part C and Part D cover prescription drug coverage and are provided by private insurance companies.

Medicare coverage options are the same as all other private insurance plans in that rates can vary significantly depending on your chosen carrier. Whether you're new to Medicare or looking to change your coverage, the specialists at Senior Insurance Professionals, LLC can help you navigate different plans to find the most suitable one.

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Protecting Seniors Is Our Commitment

There's nothing more fulfilling than helping the local seniors of Winston-Salem choose medical coverage that saves them the most money. There's no doubt that finding coverage that fits your lifestyle and budget can be tricky, so we encourage you to consult with our specialized agents. They will discuss your needs and budget and present our range of health plans.

Over the years, Senior Insurance Professionals, LLC has fulfilled the health insurance needs of seniors. We're confident that we can find the perfect coverage for you as well to help alleviate the financial stress associated with everyday medical bills. We are a group of specialists committed to protecting the needs of our local seniors. Get the coverage you're entitled to by connecting with one of our agents. They will ask you a few questions and take care of the rest.

Supplementing Your Health Coverage

If you're covered with Medicare Part A and B but still have to pay a significant amount out of pocket, we have a solution for you. Medigap plans help cover expenses Part A and B don't cover. The process of adding more coverage is simple. You will choose the most suitable Medigap supplement plan to add to your Medicare policy, giving you double coverage - one through the federal government an the other through private insurance.

We can appreciate how tricky it is to find the perfect coverage combination, but you can trust that we will walk you through the process and go over every option available. Our goal is to help keep as much money in your pocket and to help give you the freedom to seek any medical treatment you need without financial worry.

Call us with any questions and to get started on filling the gap in your Medicare insurance coverage.

Giving You the Coverage You Need

Medicare Advantage plans are all about minimizing the costs and liabilities associated with a variety of inpatient (Part A) and outpatient (Part B) services. As we age, we often require more visits to the family doctor, physiotherapists, optometrists, and other care providers—to say nothing of the trips to the pharmacy for prescription medications.

Medicare Advantage coverage is offered through private insurance companies as opposed to a nationalized system, which means that there are more plans to choose from—and more opportunities to customize your plan.

With our help, we can find you a plan that provides coverage for any number of the following:

  • Hospice care
  • Doctor's visits
  • Prescription drug coverage
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Hearing
  • Physiotherapy and fitness
  • And more

Keep Your Costs Low

There comes a time when conventional Medicare coverage no longer suits the lives of you and your family members. When that day comes, contact the Medicare insurance agents at our company. We will pair you with the provider and the plan that reduces your financial liabilities today, tomorrow, and for years to come.

Call us today to learn more about Medicare Advantage insurance plans.

Many Health Plans to Choose From

There are more than a few Medicare Advantage plans to choose from, rest assured. The independent insurance agents at our company can help you find the one that suits you best. Depending on your situation, you might benefit from a plan that has minimal or non-existent monthly premiums. Alternatively, you could procure a plan that ensures your copayments are always manageable. Some of the Medicare Advantage coverage options available to you can be grouped into any of the following:

  • Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)
  • Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)
  • Private Fee-for-Service (PFFS)
  • Medical Savings Account (MSA)
  • Special Needs Plans (SNPs)

Our agents will help you find the plan that suits your needs.

Do You Qualify for a Senior Advantage Plan?

Allow us to help you choose coverage that checks off all the boxes for you. Do you qualify for the senior advantage plan? This plan offers the following advantages in addition to taking over responsibility for your Medical A and Medical B coverage:

  • Reduced out of pocket expenses
  • You see one primary doctor from our network who manages your referrals
  • You receive out of network coverage during emergencies
  • Pay only your copayment for services needed within our network
  • Coverage for urgent care and emergencies
  • No additional premiums

If these perks sound like they're right for you, we'll help you determine if you qualify. Our professionals stay up to date with the frequent changes in health care plan offerings. We take the time to explain each facet of any plan you are considering and suggest coverage choices that align with your goals.

We're looking forward to sitting down with you to discuss the details further. Phone our team to book an appointment at a time that is most convenient for you.

How Does Medicare Advantage Work?

Medicare Advantage works to provide a solid net of the health coverage you need at rates that fit into your budget. If there are holes in your current Medicare Part A, Part B, and Part D coverage, adding private health care insurance (Medicare Part C) is a smart choice. This way, you'll have access to the doctors and services you need when you need them.

When you sign up for Medicare Advantage, our services replace your existing Medicare plan, and you will need to use the new card we provide for you. We follow strict rules set by Medicare to ensure you are receiving the best coverage for your hard-earned dollar.

Learn more about the advantages of each plan option when you meet with one of our licensed agents to discuss your individual needs. We offer consultations at no risk on your behalf.

Benefits of Choosing a Medicare Advantage Program

There are many benefits of choosing a Medicare Advantage Program over traditional Medicare. For example, if you would like dental, hearing, or vision coverage, you'll find the best rates here.

You can also expect to enjoy:

  • Limits on out-of-pocket payment amounts
  • More coverage options and plan structure types are available to you
  • You get to decide which types of coverage are most suitable for your circumstances
  • Advantage programs usually include prescription coverage
  • Personalized plan structure
  • Extra coverage
  • Coordinated care
  • Cost-savings
  • One plan unifies all your coverage options for your convenience

Would you like to learn more about how a Plan C program can give you peace of mind and the coverage you need to access the health services you deserve? Phone us to book a risk-free appointment.

You May Be Wondering: Why Do I Need Medicare Part C?

While Medicare Part C is entirely optional, it gives you access to coverage options outside of the traditionally offered. There are many reasons you may find yourself needing extended coverage.

Some of these reasons can include:

  • You require more than basic coverage for hospital and doctors' visits
  • You need additional coverage options for prescription drugs
  • You would like to have dental, vision, and hearing coverage included in your plan
  • You'd like coverage for costs associated with trips to the doctor's office 
  • You need a program that's tailored to your chronic illness
  • You have a specific condition, and you would like to have customized treatment options
  • You would benefit from additional coverage options not offered in Part A, B, or D

Part C plans are designed to be a one-stop shop for a robust selection of coverage options that align with your wellness planning goals. Our insurance advisors are always happy to guide you through selecting the best plan for your current situation while looking to the future to ensure your needs are always met.

Make a no-obligation appointment with our insurance specialists to learn more.

Do Medicare Advantage Plans Offer Prescription Drug Coverage?

Many Medicare Advantage plans offer Part D coverage for prescription drugs. Before selecting the right one for you, it's vital to understand which prescription drugs you will have access to and how much of their cost will be covered. Allow us to walk you through options that are tailored to your unique situation and lifestyle. We're always looking forward to finding ways to maximize your coverage options while meeting your budgetary requirements.

Simply contact our licensed professionals to begin with a consultation that poses no risk on your behalf.

Would You Like to Compare Medicare Advantage Plans?

There are many different options to choose from when you are in the market for health insurance. That's why it's so important to compare medical advantage plans in advance of signing any contracts. If you find it challenging to navigate through the process or have questions you'd like answered, we're confident our services will give you peace of mind while making your selection process much easier and hassle-free.

Allow us to help you make informed decisions now that have the potential to save you a lot of time, trouble, and expense down the road. Sit down with us to go over Medicare Advantage plans that make the most sense for you.

Can I Switch Medicare Advantage Plans?

It is essential to note that it is possible to switch Medicare Advantage plans once per year. You can do this during the fall or winter open enrollment periods. If you plan to switch back to Original Medicare, you may do so during the aforementioned times. Still, we'd like to caution that you could face some penalties in the form of challenges with procuring a medical supplemental insurance policy.

As your insurance partners, we'll help you make the decisions that suit you and your loved ones best. Reach us today for more detailed information.

How to Join a Medicare Advantage Plan

Since there are designated times when enrollment is open, you might need assistance navigating how to join a Medicare Advantage Plan. Our experts are deeply familiar with the process and work hard to make sure you understand the requirements set out for obtaining this type of health insurance. Reach out today to learn more.

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It can be hard to discern the finer points of health insurance and the many plans available today. With our insurance agents working on your behalf, we won't just provide you with a variety of Medicare Advantage health plans—we'll direct you to the plans that address your top concerns.

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