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Term Insurance

Sometimes referred to as "Pure Insurance", or "Temporary Insurance".

Term Insurance is simple and affordable. Important element to understand is the "term" itself. This type of life insurance lasts for a set number of years, therefore referred to as temporary. If you die before the term is up, your beneficiary receives face amount tax free. This can be used to cover funeral expenses, pay bills, or any other use. Called pure insurance because you are paying only for death benefit. This kind of insurance has no other value. Most term insurance has level premiums and unchanging death benefit for the term of the policy. Who needs term insurance? Do you have a mortgage? Do you have children at home or college? Do you need to replace primary income with death of a loved one? Your trusted advisor at Senior Insurance Professionals, LLC will help you navigate through the policy options. Maybe you would feel more at peace with a waiver of premium if you become unemployed or disabled. Or a disability income rider. Whatever your need, it is best to counsel with your personal independent agent. Your agent will help navigate your road to "Peace of Mind". Call for a quote today!

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