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Guaranteed Issue life insurance

We know what some of you are thinking...What if you have medical history and doubt you can qualify for whole life insurance which begins immediately.

First of all, medical questions can vary from company to company. Allow your agent to determine that a guaranteed product is necessary. If your agent determines you will need Guaranteed Issue whole life insurance, we have a policy for you.

Features include:

  1. No questions and No exams.
  2. Premiums never increase.
  3. Policy cannot expire if premiums are paid.
  4. Benefits are paid to beneficiary tax free
  5. Return of premium plus interest first 2 years, when death occurs due to health reasons.
  6. Pays full benefit first 2 years if accidental death occurs.

Following this limited benefit period of 2 years, this works like a typical whole life policy. Policies range from $5,000 to $25,000 and are generally issued for ages 50 - 80. Once issued, you cannot be cancelled.

Don't be confused!

Issued ages of 50-80 means these are the best ages to take out these policies. It does not mean the policy ends at age 80.

Once issued, these policies are permanent and will not end.

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