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Senior Insurance Professionals, LLC About Us

Senior Insurance Professionals, LLC is an independent insurance agency that has been and continues to be dedicated to overseeing the insurance needs for many years.  Whether we provide you with life insurance, Medicare insurance or dental insurance our agents are dedicated to supporting our clients.

Personalized Service

At Senior Insurance Professionals, LLC, we believe our clients deserve to sit across the table from our agents.  Once we have helped you make insurance decisions, we don't just disappear and you never see us again.  We strive to answer the call when you have the simplest of questions or a large concern, that any question is of utmost importance your eyes.  We are here to walk alongside.

The Independent Advantage

We work for you!  As your independent agent we work for you not the insurance company.  We make a constant effort to offer all the major companies available to meet your needs.  It does not matter which company or product you prefer, we will help you.!

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